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First Myanmar Everest summit and more

We report an awesome day on Everest today, good weather and a strong team effort from everyone. Our team from Myanmar summited Everest this morning at 7.15am, Win Ko Ko and Pyae Phyo Aung, are the first to represent their country on the top of the world today! They were followed by Brazilians, Carlos Santalena and Thais Amadei Pegoraro, who summited at 12.05pm. Both teams were supported by our tireless Sherpas, Lopsang Sherpa, Pasang Gyaljen Sherpa, Ngima Tenzing Sherpa, Fura Chettan Sherpa and Fur Gyaljen Sherpa. Congratulations to everyone!Everyone is on the decent back to EBC… for a very rowdy celebration party!

The team are on their summit push and are currently resting at C4 (South col). It was windy at C3 last night and they did well to reach the South col in good time this morning. We are an 11 person team, 4 clients and 7 Sherpa guides. Weather being all good they will start at 9pm tonight for a summit in the early morning.

Well we’re all set to go, our Sherpas have finished stocking the South Col and are now taking a rest at EBC. We’re aiming for a date soon after the 19th as the next good weather window for the summit. Everest was summited first this season by the Sherpa line fixers on the 11th, and there have already been a few summits after them. Next week we should be up there if all goes to plan. Everyone is well and healthy at EBC. We’ll update you on the summit push.

News just in that Lakpa and team have summited on Annapurna ! We will update more once the team is back at base camp.