Himalayan Ascent

Himalayan Ascent

We are adventurers. We are defiantly curious. We keep looking, until the world looks back. While others dream, we do. While others look, we leap. We do not fear. Because we have one spin on Earth. And we refuse to spin in place.

Himalayan Ascent and EverestOne shared a great season this past Spring. Sharon Cohrs led a trek to Everest base camp and Allan Cohrs (EverestOne) led a successful expedition on Lhotse. Allan and Raul summited Lhotse on 16th May following the summit rope fixing team. We also had a summit on Everest and climbs on Lobuche so all round a brilliant start to 2017.

Here at Himalayan Ascent, we are gearing up for another exciting Spring season. The boys are busy shopping, packing….and repacking as we squeeze equipment and food into sacks for flights heading east.

Kanchenjunga expedition

Five treasures of the great snows

Shishapangma Expedition

North West ridge

First Myanmar Everest summit and more

We report an awesome day on Everest today, good weather and a strong team effort from everyone. Our team from Myanmar summited Everest this morning at 7.15am, Win Ko Ko and Pyae Phyo Aung, are the first to represent their country on the top of the world today! They were followed by Brazilians, Carlos Santalena and Thais Amadei Pegoraro, who summited at 12.05pm. Both teams were supported by our tireless Sherpas, Lopsang Sherpa, Pasang Gyaljen Sherpa, Ngima Tenzing Sherpa, Fura Chettan Sherpa and Fur Gyaljen Sherpa. Congratulations to everyone!Everyone is on the decent back to EBC… for a very rowdy celebration party!

The team are on their summit push and are currently resting at C4 (South col). It was windy at C3 last night and they did well to reach the South col in good time this morning. We are an 11 person team, 4 clients and 7 Sherpa guides. Weather being all good they will start at 9pm tonight for a summit in the early morning.

Well we’re all set to go, our Sherpas have finished stocking the South Col and are now taking a rest at EBC. We’re aiming for a date soon after the 19th as the next good weather window for the summit. Everest was summited first this season by the Sherpa line fixers on the 11th, and there have already been a few summits after them. Next week we should be up there if all goes to plan. Everyone is well and healthy at EBC. We’ll update you on the summit push.

News just in that Lakpa and team have summited on Annapurna ! We will update more once the team is back at base camp.

First rotation to Camp 2 complete!

Our Everest team took a break on April 18. It was a resting day, we burnt juniper and quietly contemplated the events of 2 years past when we lost some good friends and guides. We miss you Ankaji.

Everest and Annapurna update 17.04.16

After spending 2 nights in C3 on Annapurna, strong winds have yet again delayed summit aspirations for Lakpa and his team. They are safely back in BC waiting for another summit opportunity. Over at Everest BC, we held our main pujaon the 14th with all climbers and gear. Our Sherpas are busy now stocking C1 and C2, while our other climbers are practicing ladder crossings in preparation for their first foraythrough the icefall on the 20th.

Annapurna and Everest update

Lakpa and the Annapurna team are currently healthy but are stuck at EBC due to bad weather.They are sitting tight waiting for the weather to be kind for their summit push. Our Everest teams start to arrive at BC today after enjoying lovely trekking weather heading up. The camp is all set up thanks to the hard work of Rabin and our climbing Sherpas.

2016, here we come!

We’re on the cusp of opening up our 2016 spring season, and we’re super excited to build and move on from the past events of Nepal. It’s a fresh season and we can’t wait to get up into the mountains. Lakpa is leading the pack with his Annapurna team departing tomorrow. Last year’s attempt on the 8091m giant was cancelled because of the earthquake. We wish the team good luck and great climbing. The Everest base camp support team have spent the last weeks madly shopping and packing. Containers of food, tents and supplies will depart shortly with the climbing Sherpas and Everest base camp crew next week to set up camp ahead of our Everest team. The rest of the team will start trekking up to Everest base camp at the end of March. Watch this space for updates.

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