Sleeping well in Mendoza 3PM

Mike, Meg and Sumit packed up and sped along the trail to Los Penitentes from BC, they completed the 32km hike in 5 hr. Must have been all that saved energy for the summit diverted to the trail home.

Foiled by snow, back at BC 9AM

National Park services stepped in yesterday (18th) and have closed all climbs on Aconcagua for the next 3 days. Although predicted wind conditions during this time are feasible for a possible climb, the unpredicted excessive snowfall has alarmed National Park services (snowed through the night).

So there were no summits from the teams who started off from Camp 3 yesterday on their final summit push, and sadly our team was also turned around from Camp 2 back to BC.

Lightly snowing at Camp 2 10AM

Mike, Meg and Sumit are currently camped at Nico de Condores (camp 2). They made the 1250m climb from base camp in good time under snowy conditions.

Summit push plans 9AM

The team has been resting at BC for the last 2 days, but from tomorrow they will make they way to Camp 2 on their summit bid. Strong winds have been predicted early next week so the team have a tight schedule to keep.

Sleeping at Camp 2 tonight 7PM

Wanting to pack more into their 2nd rotation, the team are currently packing up Camp 1 and are heading to Camp 2 now. They had a good sleep at Camp 1 last night, and are keen to keep building up their acclimatization.

After yesterday's first load carry to Camp 1 (4938m) and return to BC, Meg, Mike and Sumit are feeling quite good and confident.

The team reached Aconcagua base camp at Plaza de Mulas (4360m) yesterday in good time, although it was a long day. Fortunately mules carried most of the gear to spare them the load.

It's cold and chilly in Nepal at the moment, but Lakpa and Sumit have escaped into the heat of the Southern Hemisphere this winter.

Lakpa is touring in Australia, rocking climbing and reconnecting with old friends and clients. There may be an attempt on Mt Cook in New Zealand as well.